5 Best Hat Subscription Boxes (2023)

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, hat subscription boxes have emerged as a trendy and convenient way to enhance your style.

These subscription services offer carefully curated hats delivered right to your doorstep, allowing fashion enthusiasts to stay ahead of the curve effortlessly.

Join us as we delve into the top hat subscription boxes available in the market, uncovering the perfect options to elevate your fashion game.

Best Hat Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular hat subscription boxes available:

1. Drop Hat ($39.95)

Drop Hat subscription box

Drop Hat is a leading subscription service for hat and accessory enthusiasts. They offer monthly or quarterly packages featuring curated collections from renowned brands like New Era, Pro Standard, Mitchell & Ness, Bioworld, and more.

To provide an exceptional experience, Drop Hat asks subscribers to complete a style survey. This helps their team of professional curators understand individual preferences and create personalized packages with high-quality hats and accessories.

Drop Hat subscription options include:

  1. Rookie Box: An affordable option priced at $39.95 per month/quarter. It includes one hat and 1-2 accessories, valued between $50 and $70 USD.
  2. Pop Box (Popular Culture): Also priced at $39.95 per month/quarter, this package includes one hat and 2-3 accessories, valued between $50 and $70 USD.
  3. All-Star Box: Priced at $59.95 per month/quarter, this package offers two hats and 2-3 accessories, valued between $90 and $110 USD.
  4. Legend Box: Designed for avid hat enthusiasts, this package is priced at $79.95 per month/quarter. It includes three hats and 3-4 accessories, valued between $120 and $150 USD.

In addition, they offer a Season Pass that costs $139.80. Subscribers receive four prepaid Rookie Boxes, each containing one hat and at least 2 accessories. The retail value of these boxes ranges from $200 to $280 USD.

2. Classic Snapback Clubhouse Subscription ($22.00)

Snapback’s Classic Snapback Clubhouse Subscription is a very straightforward program.

Every month, you’ll receive a classic snapback with a new design every month.

Each hat is built for everyday wear with premium wool blend that’s so easily to clean, has a high crown, and has adjustable snaps.

3. Snapback Hat of the Month Club ($24.50)

Snapback Hat of the Month Club sends you a fresh new Snapback delivered to your doorstep every month that’s been carefully selected just for you.

And with a membership to the Hat of the Month club, you’ll receive your hate at a 30% cheaper price than you would if you weren’t part of the club.

4. Findlay Hat of the Month Club ($32.00)

With a Findlay Hat of the Month Club membership, you’ll receive a small run, limited edition hat that are only available for one month until they are gone for good.

Each hat is a mystery color way which means that your hat can come on a number of different bases that complement the graphic.

They also offer a Dad Hat of the Month subscription too

5. DCW Monthly Hat Club ($27.99)

With a Dixie Creek Outdoors Monthly Hat Club subscription, you’ll receive one of their best selling hats every month.


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Just a simple, curated list of subscription boxes.