Inside the batters box baseball subscription box

4 Best Baseball Subscription Boxes (2023)

Step up to the plate and immerse yourself in the world of baseball like never before with the ultimate game-changer: baseball subscription boxes.

These curated monthly deliveries are a grand slam for all baseball lovers and players, delivering a winning combination of exclusive gear, collectibles, and surprises right to your doorstep.

In this article, we’ll check out the top contenders while also uncovering the perfect lineup to keep your passion for the sport fresh and exciting inning after inning.

Best Baseball Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular baseball subscription boxes available:

1. Inside the Batters Box ($39)

Inside the batters box baseball subscription box

Inside the Batters Box features both a baseball and softball subscription box that you can subscribe to.

Each month, you will receive a box filed with baseball training tools, dugout swag, snacks, tee shirts, and hats, straight to your door. And according to Inside the Batters Box, you can expect to receive around $50 in gear inside each box which isn’t that bad.

Inside the batters box softball subscription box

With the Softball subscription box, you’ll receive some of the best softball products and training tools such as snacks, dugout swag, and equipment worth up to $50 total.

2. Platecrate ($43)

platecrate baseball subscription box

With a Platecrate subscription, you’ll receive a different themed crate each month that’s packed with baseball training aids, gear, apparel, accessories, and even snacks.

Each box is filled with 6 to 8 items worth over $90 in value total.

Plus, there’s even a Plate Crate Pro option which includes more top tier items valued at over $130 per crate.

You can opt to receive your Platecrate monthly or quarterly.

3. Batter Up! ($38)

batter up baseball subscription box by sports box co

Batter Up is a softball and baseball subscription box that’s perfect for kids of all ages,

To get started, you can choose your kids age and from there you’ll receive a tailored box curated with a mix of quality products from large well known brands as well as some niche sport brands.

Regardless of which box you purchase, you can expect to receive training aids, gear, accessories, collectibles, snacks, and more.

There are currently 6 different boxes to choose from:

  • Kid Pitch (8 to 12 years old)
  • Coach Pitch (6 to 8 years old)
  • Tee Ball (under 6 years old)
  • Softball Fun (10 years and under)
  • Softball (10 years and older)
  • Sr. League (13 years and older)

Every baseball subscription box costs the same and shipping is always included in the U.S.

4. The Baseball Box ($44)

The Baseball Box is a personalized subscription box of baseball training aids, accessories, and apparel delivered straight to your door each month.

Inside each box, you’ll find 8-10 baseball related items that are valued over $85 in total such as polyester shirts with unique baseball themed designs, batting gloves, elbow guards, wrist guards, j-bands, and other awesome products that will keep the ballplayer happy.


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